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Lifestyle vs Dieting | What you need to know to be the best version of you!

THE PROBLEM Zero carb diets, starvation diets, take this pill or drink this drink diets... they all make crazy promises about amazingly quick weight loss. I’m sure you have tried one or two of them... it okay, I’m not here to judge. We’ve all done it, just like we have all bought into some fad diet at some point in our life. My question for you long did it last? Yeah okay, you lost 10 lbs, but it came right back just as fast. Now that’s discouraging! I get it... it seems impossible to lose it and keep it off! That’s because most of these diets are not healthy or sustainable. Our bodies need balance. Proteins, Carbs, Fats, all in a perfect balance for your body is what is necessary to get the body you want and keep it. Following a cookie cutter get skinny quick scheme is always going to leave you disappointed. Now I know, going from Sonic and Whataburger on the daily to meal prepping like a pro is a daunting task, to say the least. Some people can quit smoking cold turkey just like some people can stop eating cake one day and never look back. For those people, I applaud you! Now for me and everyone else in the world, it’s really easy to get burnt out of eating healthy real quick! THE SOLUTION So, how do I change my diet permanently? Well, you have to change your lifestyle vs. trying to diet. A diet is temporary while a lifestyle is lasting, and your mind is always going to know the difference whether or not you choose to accept it. Now let’s break this down into the 3 keys to making a successful lifestyle change.

#1 Find your motivator

Your child pulls on your arm and begs you to play with him, but you just don’t have the energy today...again... and he walks away with crippling disappointment. So he turns to screens and wastes his life away inside the house...Tell me, what does that future look like? Your husband kissing you on the neck and whispers in your ear, “you’re beautiful...”, but you shy away... why? You don’t believe him because you don’t feel beautiful and you just can’t see it. Now he is hurt because he doesn’t understand... Tell me, what does that future look like? It’s your future... whatever motivator it is that’s going to get you to step up and do it the old fashion way, it all comes down to this... what do you want that future, your future, to look like? #2 Visualize what you want Professional fighters visualize entire fights over and over again as the fight day approaches. Police Officers visualize their responses to hypothetical scenarios throughout their shift so as to counteract any would be assaults. In professions like these, visualization drills are widely considered the best practice for the real thing. See studies show that the mind typically does not distinguish the difference between imagination and real-life events. The saying goes, "yourbody can't go where your mind has never been." The same applies to fitness. You have to envision yourself where you want to be before you can get there. You have to trick your mind into believing not only that you can do it, but you will do it, and you are doing it! So do it! Hit the gym, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you are what you want to be. Now it's going to take time... not only to become what you want to be but also to believe what you tell yourself. However, it all starts in your mind. Also, the most important part of visualization drills is the positive outcome. A fighter can never visualize himself losing the fight or he is already defeated. A police officer most definitely can't allow himself to be’s just not a option. Well, neither can you! Push back that urge to beat yourself up and instead make yourself believe you can do it because I promise you can! #3 Find your support It's a battle, don't get me wrong. Everyday is a battle with temptation, but it doesn't mean you have to fight alone! There's plenty of help; you just have to be open to it. Break down your walls and open up to the ones closest to you. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but your husband or wife actually does want to help you! Most of the time, they just don't know how... It is up to you to go to them and have an open conversation about what you want to do. Break it down for them, especially husbands, no offense guys. Husbands are simple creatures, that's why we love them. They need to know exactly what you struggle with and exactly how you want them to help. Maybe it's forcing you to go to the gym, which is hard for a man because anything possibly relating to, insinuating, or suggesting the word "fat" is taboo. Maybe it's saying no to Sonic and ice cream...for all the same reasons...Whatever it is, he needs to know, and he won’t know unless you tell him, even if one should be able to extrapolate this from any similarly general term like, “I want to be more healthy...”! And finally... shameless plug alert... don't forget your friends at Gains & Glory! We really are here to help you. There are plenty of gyms in this area, but we had a passion for changing lives. We are here for nutritional guidance, training guidance, and support in any other way because we truly want you to succeed. We have all the technology and knowledge to get you headed in the right direction. Please feel free to stop us on the gym floor, stop by the office, or shoot us a message anytime you need help or guidance, PLEASE!

Click Here to book a free consultation today! Getting Started So, that’s the general idea behind the lifestyle change vs. just another diet. I'll talk in more detail about specific ways to curb those cravings in future posts as well as how to find your balance (Proteins, Carbs, Fats to Fit You). I hope you enjoyed this read and make sure to check in. I try to post weekly. Thanks, Abby Brooks

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